Resident Evil 7 Rumours: Will Jill valentine and chris include?

Various games are grabbing the digital industry and making their places in the hearts of children as well as their parents. In this hectic life, mostly people prefers various video games, one is Resident Evil 7; Bio hazard which is an arriving horror game, developed by Capcom, decided to be released on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation4 and Xbox One too.  It is of eleventh entry in the range of Resident Evil series, and the best thing is that it will be played from first person point of view.

Resident Evil 7 Jill valentine chris

Resident Evil 7 Release Date

The Resident Evil 7; Bio hazard was announced on June 14, 2016 and it was during Sony’s presentation at E3 2016. Initial Release date is January 24, 2017.

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Resident Evil 7 Story Line

The story of the game is quite heart throbbing in which player needs to control the protagonist, named Ethan, surely from first perspective. Ethan can play and fight with pistols, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and chainsaws.

Resident Evil 7; Biohazard consists of puzzle solving, resource management and healing herbs as an attribute. Quick time events are not available in this game. Capcom has denied all the rumours regarding the game. Shack news specified that Beginning Hour has various similarities to the game Sweet Home and it was the same game which inspired the original Resident Evil. The similarities are of plot of film crew with a lonely house and many more. Capcom clarified that Resident Evil 7; Biohazard is coming with the strong roots inside. With more complexity for the players.

Resident Evil 7 Jill valentine chris

Players can get Playable demo called Lantern which will available at Gamescom 2016, which will like a part of Resident7. It is a sort of story teller too. It is first person narration in which lady who was young named Mia was hidden by an old lady holding a lantern. The old lady is Marguerite baker, one of the characters also present in the Beginning Hour.


Resident Evil 7 will include Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield , Claire Redfield, and Leon Kennedy.

Resident Evil 7 Jill valentine chris


Resident Evil 7 Platforms

It will be available on PS4(With Full VR support), Xbox One, and Windows System(PC).

The support system of Resident Evil 7; Biohazard is PlayStation 4 Pro 4 K resolution and it has highly dynamic imaging capabilities.  In this game, the player can easily interact and play with the surrounded objects in the environment. The players will get a recorded tape which was made by a cameraman named Clancy Javis with the producer named Andre and Host Pete. It is said that player controls the game and then switches to Clancy. The house in the game belongs to the baker family and many more experiences are enclosed in the teaser.

After that Capcom said that teaser is a standalone story but don’t think that of final segment. Mind you, you will remember the memories of Kitchen and Beginning Hour. As of July 1, 2016 demo has been downloaded over 2 million viewers. Surely they will come on additional platforms. An update named “Twilight Version” was released on 15 September 2016 and it also came with new rooms as well as items too. Capcom also released a trailer to the full game.

Some of the curiosity raiser says that Resident Evil 7; Biohazard has created models in physical form by makeup artists and to be scanned through the photogrammetryThe music was developed by a Japanese rock band named L’Arc-en-Ciel who created the song called “don’t be afraid”. Seriously eagerness comes on its height after hearing all the information about Resident Evil 7; Biohazard. Beware to see Resident Evil 7; Biohazard if your heart is weak.

Resident Evil 7; Biohazard Official Trailer

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