Apple iPhone 10 release date, price, specs, features, rumours and leaked details

 The Apple has given many magnificent phones to the mobile users and has achieved a special place in everyone’s heart. The company has planned to come with Apple iPhone 10.The phone is simple and innovative also. This phone comes with various features for gaming users as it is said model includes gaming remote controller. The Apple is famous for developing its models according to the demands of the market. There are many competitors of Apple in the industry but Apple has its own effects and strategies too.

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iPhone 10 Price and Release Date

Everyone is expecting Apple iPhone 10 to release in the month of June during the WWDC event. Thereafter the beta version of the software will be available to the Apple Developers Program who is registered members also. The price will be $850USD and release date will September 2020 most probably.



The Apple iPhone 10 has ION Premium Glass with 5G, consists of Bluetooth 9.0 with fingerprint scanner as well as retina scanner. It also possesses wireless charging rapid charging, mini projector etc. The Apple has screen display 5.1” 12K display 😮 .


The Apple iPhone 10 has 25 GB RAM withIOS 15 with 2x Octa-core A-15 processor. It has 125 Megapixels camera and memory of 512 GB, 1TB and 2B internal memory. The handset will come in Grey, Gold, Silver, White, and Changeable Colour. The camera includes optical image stabilization plus, geotagging, facial recognition and 4D etc.

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There are many rumours that everyone is hearing about that Apple is increasing the parameters of smartphones. There are rumours that holographic keyboard will come in the Apple iPhone 10. It has display and projector and will come with many new apps for the upcoming phone. The rumours includes that it possess x-ray machines, fever and blood pressure checking apps. The Apple is doing many efforts for health applications.

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