iPhone 9 Price and Release Date, Features, Specifications & Rumours

 Apple iPhone 9

The iphone 9 is the first love among tech savvy persons and mobile lovers because it has come with the most revolutionary features among the mobile colony. Friends, the iPhone 9 is most probably coming with the ‘iris recognition’ whose other word is eye security scanner. It will be the first handset coming with this unique feature.

iPhone 9 Price and Release Date

Apple mostly plans to release atleast one model every year with a specific feature of ‘plus version’. No one has exactly disclosed the meaning of plus but people expect plus must be super in their quality. Great thing is that plus version consists of great Speed, Graphics as well as Processor performance. The iPhone 9 and iphone 9 plus or may be they called it iphone XI will be released most probably September 2018. Apple will follow the same full view screen 19:9. The iPhone 9 and iphone 9 plus / iphone XI  price is expected to be under the average of $899 & $999, without contract for the Standard 64 GB version. Although there is possibility to trade in with the previous model to get 50% off.

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iPhone 9 Features

iphone 9 release date

Apple always gives value to their memory storage but they never intended to fix a Micro SD Memory Card reader according to the size of the Sim. The iPhone9 will be coming with larger screen which will make 3D Model for this phone.

iphone 9 release date, price, specification

Discussing about the battery life¸ it will be thin in size and also take less power to operate and as technology grows so does battery power and capacity. It is Lithium iON battery which Apple is using in their handsets.

iPhone 9 Specifications                                     

Many thoughts are coming with Apple iPhone9; it will be coming with a projector to shoot anything that can be used as Projected Keyboard and video games features.Easy handling and Slim in looks.

The iPhone 9 will come with the most revolutionary technology smart-phone by Apple. Some of the most important features of iPhone9:

  1. iPhone 9 Operating System: Apple has the best operating system for iOs devices include subtle designs, refined features as well as performance enhancement. The operating system has the improved functionality. The iphone 9 will comes with iOS 12.
  1. iPhone 9 Display:  (Edge Less Display): The Apple phones are well-known for its display. We already saw iphone X launched with full display. Whenever the phone comes in the market, this come with the big and bigger screen size 5.5 inches.  It was 5 to 5.2 Inches in iPhone 7 and iPhone 9 shall come in  5.5 Inches. That is why; the users are waiting for the bigger screens in Apple iPhone 9. Gorilla Glass and unbreakable glass will be expected with an OLED presentation in the handsets. Rumours: There are rumours that Apple iPhone 9 will come with an all-display front surface. It will have no borders. It will come with stainless steel frame rather than the aluminium, which can be expected than steel in smart phones.


  1. iPhone 9 Camera:  In this Selfie era, the smart-phones users are changing handsets expecting most of the advanced features in their handsets. So, the iPhone 9 is expected to come with 18 MP rear dual camera and 8 MP front confronting camera. It possesses a feature of the dual-camera system which will be an exclusive feature. While it was 12 MP in iPhone 7 so something more is expected in iPhone 9.

Iphone 9 release date

  1. iPhone 9 Memory:  Apple iPhone is coming with various memory sizes ranging from 16 GB to 256 GB; the Apple iPhone9 will only available in  64GB, 128GB or 256 GB sizes. They will ditch 16GB & 32gb storage.
  1. iPhone 9 RAM: RAM is the best part of the iPhone which the crazy users are demanding nowadays. RAM has a vital role for the smart phone for the performance; the expected phone must be coming with the 4GB of  RAM.
  1. Apple iPhone 9 Battery: According to the news, the iPhone8 have a good battery but iPhone9 will come with best of battery power. Some of the phones have good battery back-up but now the users can expect much more from iPhone9.  The iPhone9 will be expected to come with the attached battery with itself. The battery will come with the fast charging capacity from all other handsets.  Rumours: Apple iPhone 9 will have wireless charging solutions. Battery will not be removable to prevent accidental fire from opening and altering it. We can the music and video entertainment.
  1. Glass Body with a some Metal Frame:   It is expected that Apple iPhone9 will be coming with a whole glass frame which will make it different from others. It will be unbreakable and more powerful with the Glass Tempered glass. This is expected to be more powerful than Android Gorilla Glass.  The users are expecting the best in the Apple iPhone 9.

iphone 9 release date, price, specification

  1. Touch ID: The Apple iPhone9 is framing to eliminate the Home Button and making it full of the screen with the complete display.  These can be the magnificent feature of Apple iPhone9.
  1. Water Proof & Dust Proof iPhone: The Apple iPhone9 will be water-resistant to a depth of one metre for up to 30 minutes which has the same as the Apple Watch.  The users can dip in the sink or in the washroom.
  1. The Contextual Reminders:  In this life of hectic and quick answers, everyone wants the best in his pocket while playing best. Nowadays, the phones are coming with the excellent features.  The Apple iPhone9 has the excellent feature of Siri, which plays like a heart of the operating system. Now the personal assistant has come with the capacity of creating contextual reminders which can search through photos. The videos can be searched for it. One can put favourite contacts and application on the fingertips.
  1. The Search Capacity: The Apple iPhone9 possess the potential of searching the results like sports, videos, and content from third-party apps. The calculations with the conversions can be done.
  1. Split- Screen Multitasking: It has an additional feature of Split-screen multitasking that can be done on two applications which can be used at once and then a picture-in-picture function that let the users watch a video.
  1. The “S” Factor: Apple is famous for its “S” factor which most people thinks that S stands for superiority because of continuous development of technology. This S word makes all the users crazier for Apple iPhone.
  1. The Home Button: The handset will have a home button which houses the fingerprint sensor, which will be embedded into the front glass panel which will make it invisible. Rumour: There are phones that have already embedded home buttons.
  1. iPhone headphone Jack: It is estimated that now iPhone 9 will not come with iPhone headphone Jack as the previous handset were not having Jack. Apple headphone iphone 9 will also come with the same trend of not with headphone Jack.
  • Some of the common features which will be added in Apple iPhone 9 include

Fast Charging

Wireless Charging

Enhance Security

5G Technology

Finger Print Scanner

Retina Eye Scanner

64,128, 256 GB Storage

Holographic Display


Apple iPhone 9 has the biggest focus is on intelligence as well as the quality of pro-activity which can allow the users learn new habits and can act on that information easily.

iPhone 9 Rumours    

Rumours are coming about the pictures that iPhone 9 will be thin or it can be one of the thinnest smartphone. Apple has designed the slimmest until now and it can be water resistant too. Let’s wait for the next latest technology because one can’t less from Apple. Another rumour is about LCD screen glass type and Gorilla glass material. You need to enjoy music and wait till it comes.

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