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 Lately, a sudden interest has aroused within us we would like our pictures to be printed like our ancestors used to do. Isn’t it fascinating to see the pictures in hand and you are able to cherish it and relive the moments again rather just swiping it in our smartphones each time. You have end number of pictures and wanted to get it print for many reasons to gift someone through collages or frame it to decorate your house anything! On the other hand, maybe it could be to relish the memories.


You get Pocket photo printers, which are so easy to get print from your printers. Your picture just emerges instantly through these pictures with just few taps in your smartphones. You get the best quality of pictures. We will give you some of the best options to make your selection much easier.

Learn more about pocket photo printer below:

  1. LG Pocket Photo Printer(PD251) – This printer will make you feel relax and stress free from downloading the mess of softwares or any kind of irritating drivers as this printer does not requires any kind of software or hardware for connectivity. A wireless connection helps you to print right away from your smartphone. This printer is also useful for printing small pictures you wish to have. This printer is so smart that it enables you to edit the pictures on your phone with any app and lastly it is the most portable device which is hand sized you can carry it according to your needs. This printer will be available for $118 and Rs. 14,990.LG-Pocket-Photo-2


Amazon[Printer+Paper SET] New LG Pocket Photo Printer 3 PD251 [Pink] (Follow-up model of PD241T PD239) + LG Zink Photo Paper [30 Sheets] $118

  1. The Epson PictureMate Charm – This printers not only helps you to take print from your smartphones but also allows you to take print outs from digital camera as well as any kind of hardware attached to it. It has handle attaché to printer’s body making it reliable and portable by taking around anywhere and everywhere. This printer creates water and scratchproof prints and prints pictures in just 40 seconds. It has batteries for it to work while you carry it places. You get this printer for $148 and in Rs. 13,446.


AmazonEpson Picturemate PM245 Colour Inkjet Printer INR13446

Epson PictureMate Charm Photo Printer (C11CA56203) $148



  1. The Hiti Pringo – This printer know for its compactness. It is one of the best portable printers that you can even carry it your pocket. This printer enables you to print directly from your smartphone, tablet or any kind of camera. This printer comes with 30 pack of photo paper. This printer has to be charged to functional properly just like cameras. This printer is reliable for both Android and apple devices. It also prints wallet-sized pictures. The price features as $129.99 .


Amazon- Pringo WiFi Photo Printer INR 18999

HiTi Pringo Pocket WiFi Photo Printer for Smartphone (White) $ 129.99


  1. Fujifilm Instax SP-1 Printer – This printer is quiet amazing as it prints pictures with templates and different effects you wish to choose to you photos and that directly from your mobiles ad tablets. This printer comes with two lithium batteries. To get better quality pictures and to enable best performance you can use instax mini instant film. It only prints 2″ x 3″ sized pictures with amazing quality. This printer will cost $122.83 and Rs. 13970.



AmazonFuji Instax Share Color Smartphone Printer INR13970

Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer SP-1 $122.83

  1. Canon Selphy CP900/CP1000 – This is the most professional printer to be known until now. This printer enables to print water resistance pictures, which will sustain around 100 of years, a best way to cherish every moment. This printer prints photos in 47 seconds. The printer is very portable because of its folding technique where you can store it very easily. The printer has the feature of previewing images with a touch. The printer will cost you $174.99(CP900) and approx Rs.6300(CP1000).


Canon Selphy

AmazonCanon CP1000 SELPHY Photo Printer INR6300

Canon SELPHY CP900 Black Wireless Color Photo Printer $174.99



These are the best pocket printers considered in this year 2016. Printing pictures are coming back to trend and we helped you to choose the best printer without any confusion further. No doubt, these above printers and useful, easy, portable and gives best performance, try out once. A digitally advanced world is making our moments capture very beautifully with technology lets look up to it and cherish them forever.


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