Best DSRL camera in India under 40,000

The newly emerged interest from amateurs to professionals who are talking about is DSLR’s. From clicking random pictures just to preserve for memories to making it as a hobby which has reached in making it as a profession this is what interests us. So, what do we need to become a good professional photographer? Of course a DSLR what else? And as far as skills are concerned, those will emerge automatically!  There is so much of information available on the internet which can lead to confusion with regards to your purchase of a DSLR. So if you have finally decided to buy a DSLR and have good sum of bucks say 40,000/ these are the top 5 DSLR cameras available in the Indian market.

Photographers will take you back to the golden moments you might have spent some days or years back.. Below are the Top 5 DSLR cameras under 40000:

  1. Canon EOS 700D:

This camera is already famous in this range even before it was launched. It is most favourite camera among the photographers. To start with, it has a perfect grip coating, yes matt finish! Creative filters like water painting or eye fish effect. Another special feature of this camera is it is 5gm lighter than previous model 650D. Focusing on a view is quicker and quieter. 8MP CMOS sensor provides with a perfect image which goes up to ISO 1600. Shooting speed up to 5fps and 9 point al cross with type AF.



  1. Nikon 5200D:

A best camera for beginners which is user-friendly too with all the latest features. The camera comprises of 24.1MP DX format sensor with a sensitivity range starting from 100 to 6400 with the awesome type of 39 point AF which delivers HD images. This camera gives you exceptionally focus with face detection and tracking. The best feature is you can connect it with your android and iOS device through WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter.



  1. Canon EOS 1200D:

Your budget is less than 40000 then this is the camera you can opt for which is also user friendly and has creative filters. 18MP with APS – C size CMOS sensor. 3 inch large LCD monitor with a standard range of 100 to 6400. This camera comes with scene intelligent auto mode. Toy camera and miniature effects are the key to this camera.



  1. Nikon D3200 and D3300:

Both the cameras are similar to each other with both having 24.2MP with CMOS senor. Both the cameras have live view shooting with monitor size of 3.0in diagonal. Though the ISO is different for D3200 is 100-6400 whereas D3300 is 100-12800. Basically you won’t find any major difference between these cameras.



  1. Sony SLT-A58Y and SLT-A58K:

For these two cameras the difference is the price though the features are likely to be same. Both camera offers full HD recording with 20.1MP and 2.7 inch long LCD screens which also includes 460800 dots of display resolution. A58K has CMOS sensor whereas A58Y has CCD sensor. Both the cameras have 100-16000 ISO range.

Now you only have to select and decide the best camera that suits your needs. You can compare each of the cameras though all the features are the best within itself. Only the major factor would be the cost. Save some bucks or just get the greatest camera.




It is your turn to go select any one of these DSLR camera according to your needs and budget of course. If money is not a problem and you really want a good camera we recommend you to buy Nikon 5200D which comes with all the features of all the cameras and also you can opt for Canon 700D my personal favourite, as we all know Canon is specialised in cameras and primarily should be preferred first. All the other cameras are definitely amazing but these two are the top brands in DSLR according to many professional photographers and buyers. Unleash your creative photographic skills with these fabulous cameras.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab one!!!!

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