iPhone Printer Case: Ultimate pocket photo printer


Your smartphone can be an instant camera!

Are you the type of person who love capturing your memories? But you are more of an old school type who would have actual prints of their photos rather than digital prints? Do not worry! We have the perfect solution for you. A printer case for iPhones or as they are commonly known as, “iPhone Printer Case” is a pocket photo printer. Although there are printer cases for other brand of mobile phones, in this article we will be particularly talking about iPhone printer cases and what it does.

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What is actually an iPhone printer case?

Basically an iPhone printer case, as the name suggests is a phone case for your iPhone which acts as digital printer. Yes! you read that right, a printer for getting amazing digital prints of the photos you take with your iPhone.

You may think that aren’t digital printers supposed to bulky and just not something which you can carry around to different places. But this not iPhone printer cases are like. They are just like an another phone case which you can carry around in your pocket or your bag, whatever is comfortable for you. Whenever you need a printed photo, just plug it into your phone, take a picture and within seconds you will have your digital print in your hands. It is that easy to use and the best part about it is that you can carry it any where with ease.

The invention of printer cases has revolutionized the world of instant photography. You no longer need to carry those bulky polaroids anymore if you love instant photography. The other negative point of those old polaroids is that you have to be really good at photography to be able to use a polaroid, you can not review the photos you have taken. But everything changes with the invention of printer cases. You can review the pictures you have taken, apply filters or crop it as per your convenience. It is really comfortable to carry to your parties, vacations and family outings. You can take photos and get them instantly printed at that very moment, which you can gift to your friends
or family. You can even paste them into your album book and when years later you will stumble upon those photos again, you will be really happy you invested your money in buying such a wonderful gadget.

Currently the best iPhone printer case in the market is Prynt Case iPhone Photo Printer which is available for $149.99 at www.prynt.co. It is simply the best in the printer cases market. It attaches easily on your iPhone and has a very compact and a classy design. It comes in 3 different colors i.e. white, blue and black. It has been designed by experts and is very user friendly. Just attach it to your smartphone, take your picture, edit the photo using their special app, then print it, within minutes you will have a digital print of your photo!

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