Top 10 super Cool Gadgets every Home Should Have


Evolution is the word that comes into our mind when we  think about technology. It has been our natural tendency to explore & exploit each moment. The practice of inquisitiveness is imprinted in our genes.

We are no longer bound with only ‘What’. ‘Why’ & ‘How’ appears more often in our questions today.

This facet is not a new thing that has come in the recent past. This has been in regular practice since the ancient times. Every moment the human civilization is delving in to each possible intricacy to filter out the elixir. Else we would have been still living in the Stone Age or might not have even existed.

Eagle eye view of life seems so simple. Technology has created revolution. And when evolution meets revolution, hope meets happening, we see the future. Human history has witnessed numerous remarkable innovations. But the past few decades have been astounding.

The day, when Charles Babbage invented mechanical computer, will be remembered forever. After that there was no looking back. Technology has become a household name.

What seemed to be impossible is in our hands now. Super Gadgets are our close friends. They are no more restricted to big high tech labs. Home is the present arena where unimaginable things are happening. Let’s see how the super cool must have home gadgets and gizmos make your home future ready.

1.Smart Body Analysers:

Sometimes stepping onto the scales is not that enjoyable. But this experience is given a gadgetry boost by the high tech gadget Smart Body Analyser. All your vital body statistics are now portrayed on your palm of your hand by the buzz of your feet.

Be it body mass index, body fat percentage, weight or heart rate, every stats gets displayed on your smartphone. All these vital data are stored on your app and the progress is recorded, making the whole healthy life achievable. The major players in this segment are Fitbit, Withings, and InBody etc.

 2.  Smart Kettles:

This handy home gadget is a cool kitchen appliance. It’s there in the morning to wake you up from the bed with some hot beverage and also there when you desperately need some coffee after along debilitating day.

You can remotely set the beverage to boil for few more minutes through the app on your smartphone so that you can spend some extra time in bed. Gone are the days when you waited for your hot tea kettle to whistle. Products like iKettle from Smarter, smart kettle from Sage Appliances are bringing you a whole new experience of coffee making.

3. Robotic Vacuum Cleaners:

Most of us don’t want to do the chores like cleaning the room. What if a robot could do this magic for you! You just need to have the right app and internet connection and you are good to go. Just a few presses of icons on your app and your messy floor become tidy again.

You can also set a routine for this cleaning process while you can get yourself busy with productive endeavours. Latest robots use mapping technology for better efficiency. Sometimes it is funny to watch your pets riding them and that creates a hilarious moment which makes you love the product even more. Neato Robotics, iRobot are making some awesome high tech gadgets in this segment.

4. Smart Plugs:

Sometimes it happens that, while we are away from home we have unknowingly left some of our appliances switched on. Or sometimes we are so tired to get off the cosy sofa to turn off the lights. But wemo switch and home automation system helps you to eliminate those inconveniences by bringing controls of our electrical outlets to our smartphones.

When you are in office worrying that your laundry iron is about to catch fire, there is just an app for it to switch it off. When you are in bed and you have forgotten to switch off your drawing room light, just open your app and switch it off. No need to get out of your bed and do that chore. It promises your home at your fingertips. Companies like Belkin International are making your day to day life so easy.

5. Wireless LED Lighting:

Today lighting is more than just a table lamp in the corner. There is more to lighting than just illumination. The wireless LED system allows us to set your mood perfectly with a simple touch on your app. Be it a party or a candle light dinner, set the theme in the app and the technology will do the rest.

You just need to groove with the beats of the music. You can customize your own light show using Phillips hue. These smart home gadgets do change the way we see our home. It lets you control your lights from your bedroom to your backyard.

6. Shower Speaker Tiles:

Bathroom Singing! Many of us turn in to a soulful singer in the shower. Don’t we? Arguably bathroom acoustics are the best unless you have your own recording studio. Music now can be embedded in your bathroom walls. The shower speaker technologies are improving dramatically and letting you sing in your showers being unfettered and with no one to judge.

Designs from Kohler speaker tiles are crafted for high quality far reaching audio so that you can listen as well as sing along to your favourite tracks literally submerging you in sound. Also the vibra-acoustic bathtub even brings the music in to the water.

7. Remote Controlled Door Locks:

Without our massively important house keys we will be locked out of your home. Imagine a rainy day with your house key missing and you are out getting drenched. Often we misplace them. To avoid those unforeseen situations, to get over these hassles remote controlled door lock system is gives you the coolest high tech gadget experience.

Simply operate your door from anywhere via an app. Also it provides you an additional security to your home. It intimates you who are there outside or even who is breaking into your home through text messages.

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8. Voice Enabled Wireless Speakers:

Ask a robot age was ushered in by the likes of Apple SIRI, Google Now, and Microsoft Cortana. And now Amazon is also venturing into the same segment Amazon echo and similarly Google Home. They are ultra-modern high tech gadgets designed to link our home to our daily need apps we rely on.

These product can guide you, provide you with random facts and also can crack a well-timed random joke and ultimately they become the part of our family.

9. Curved Smart TVs:

With new innovations being unveiled every day, the smart TV market is booming to be exceptionally competitive. Brands like Samsung and LG have pioneered the science of curved smart Ultra-HD TV. This product is designed to give you an ideal view from any seat in the room. The smart features allow you to browse through web pages, project your smartphone to the TV and do a whole lot other things.

The features like curved screen, LED back light, superfast refresh rate and pristine picture quality are the crème de la crème. It gives you a complete cinematic experience. But it requires a sizable amount of money needs to be spent for this super gadget.

10. Self-Learning Home Automation:

Finally, the security of your home is vital. Fortunately companies like Canary and Nest labs have carved their niche in home automation. Their pioneered work allows you not to worry about what’s happening in your home when you are away. If you want to set your room temperature to an optimum level when you reach home, it will just do it for you.

How wonderful is that! Smoke and carbon monoxide detector makes you aware when a problem arises. This creates a two way relationship between you and the place you live.

These advanced super gadgets make you realize how innovative our society has become. With days passing by, you see a new gadget every day you have unheard of. Science and technology have made us see the world from different perspective. They provide us fast access to information, speed up our work, and increase the speed of communication.

However, there are downsides to this when we overuse them. The World Wide Web gives us the opportunity to leverage it in a way that will nourish the human civilization. But we need not be over dependent on these stuffs unless it will make us lethargic. It will make us loose the very cognitive power which helped us through out to reach where we are now.

No matter how advanced the technology is going to become, if we don’t use it judiciously, if we don’t respect its place in our society, the very technology will sink us taking everything with it.

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