Nowadays everything is getting smarter from mobiles to Laptops.

So it is also true for Television.

TV’s are now smarter, bigger and now modular also.

Now your wall turned to be a TV. Samsung introduced the Samsung Modular TV.


You may have seen those huge TV screens in movies and always dreamed about having those really cool smart TVs in your own house. Imagine how amazed your friends would be if they walked into your living room and saw such a huge TV, but then this dream of yours shatters when you think about the cost of such a TV or most importantly space is going to take in your house. But then you start to wonder before worrying about the cost or space is going to take, are such TVs actually possible?

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Samsung has changed our concept of televisions by revealing its technology of modular display at the CES 2016 booth in Las Vegas. We had previously heard rumors that Google was working on a similar technology back in 2014, but we haven’t heard more for them. But Samsung has currently beaten them in this race and introduced us to the technology of modular TVs in CES modular tv

So what is different about these Samsung Modular TVs? Unlike your normal television screens which you have at your house, Samsung Modular TVs have a new technology screen that can be joined with each other to form one huge screen. There is no limitation on the number of screens you can join and it is not like today’s technologies, where when you connect a number of TVs, you can see the joints or cracks between them. The amazing feature of this new kind of technology is that the screens when connecting with each other, will not have any kind of edges thus giving you a near-seamless TV watching experience.

At CES 2016, Hyun Suk Kim, who has been appointed as the President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics said that, ” Samsung is going all out to demonstrate the innovation that matters most to consumers, and offer a tantalizing vision of the future of TV,” He also mentioned at the revealing of the Modular TV that, “We believe the possibilities for innovation in TV are truly endless, and in the years to come, customers will experience ever greater choice and control, as the current barriers around screen size, shape and versatility are overcome. I invite attendees to visit the Samsung CES booth, and witness the future of TV for themselves.”samsung modular tv

To display the features of this new kind of technology, Samsung created a huge 170-inch TV and filled people with awe. They surprised us, even more, when the 170- inch split first into four different displays and then further into eight different displays right in front of our eyes. You could buy these modular TVs for your different rooms and then during a special occasion, you can easily join them up and have the best theater-like movie watching experience.

But this is just an idea or prototype that Samsung has come up with, which basically means that we will have to wait for a long time before it will be commercially available to us. Till then, let us keep our fingers crossed! and wait for this amazing Samsung Modular TV.

Samsung Modular TV Video


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