Best 5 Compact Vacuum Cleaners by Suction Power

The technology has brought revolution in every one day today’s life. Cleanliness and tidiness are chosen by everyone, but easily can be done by using latest gadgets available in the market. One of the unforgettable instruments is Vacuum Cleaner. Various types of vacuum cleaner are now within the reach of layman. These types consist of commercial, lightweight, carpet sweepers and many more. One must keep in mind for what purpose they are going to the shop and what debris they clean. Between Innumerable and different types, we are discussing best 5 compact vacuum cleaners by suction power:

1. Electrolux EL8807A Brushroll Clean Upright Vacuum

Clean atmosphere brings much happiness in your life; this can be possible by using Electrolux EL8807A Brushroll Clean Upright Vacuum. Who will not love to do various tasks from single vacuum cleaner? It has comprehensible feature of self- cleaning brush roll which easily cleans the dirt of tangled hair of the house that can give image of real monster. It can be done with the touch of single button.

Key Features

3-in-1 extension tool helps one to clean corners, stairs and those hard- to- reach places.

If user want to purchase this for $193, it is best for self-cleaning.

The multiple tasking of this cleaner has made it loving though it is heavy.

2. Black and Decker CHV1410 L

It is easy to believe that going for a product increases the chances of pruchasing when it’s a brandname.Perfect for pet lovers out there, so that the shaggy friends cant leave their mess at home or in car. The brand name attracts the users to go for Black and Decker CHV1410 L Vacuum Cleaner. It is of $50 in cost but the feature in it level’s its price.

Key Features

The slim looks attracts the buyers.

Cordless and easy to handle by everyone.

16 volt lithium ion battery

Can avail charge of 18 months.

Strong suction ability that works because of lithium battery.

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3. Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum

Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum is easy to carry as well as handle vacuum cleaner.Looks are very attractive and fascinating .If you are not reaching your dirt, No Sweat now. Just buy

Key Features

It possesses On/off brush roll switch which reaches 5.5 Amps of power.

The vacuum cleaner has 20 Foot cord with a strong suction hose that can easily clean stairs, upholstery, not only of home but also of car interiors.

Onboard crevice tool and Riser Visor can easily carpeted floors. Surprsingly, 1 motor powers the revolving brush and another one for suction.

Lightweight of Eureka increases enthusiasm among the market of cleaners.



4. iRobot Roomba 880 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Astonished by the technology development, now this is a self-service robot vacuum cleaner which is easy to use during rest time. It’s great to have this type of tools in the market for removing dirt without thinking of debris.

Key Features

Possess up to 5x the air power and comprises of technologically more advance Aero Force Cleaning System.

By pressing a button, one can turn it on or off.

Scheduled to run up to 7x per week.

Comprises durability with different looks, very small in size successfully cleans under most beds and even corners of car who are out of the reach.

Cost is $599.

5. Dyson Ball Multi- Floor Upright Vacuum

Companies are launching their products according to the consumers’ needs; mostly have allergy of dust, animal hair, and other nasty elements in house. This consumer favourite vacuum maximizes your urge of cleaning whether it can be of curtains and drapes also. Car and workspace can be cleaned by Dyson Ball Multi- Floor Upright Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner is perfect for sealing.

Key Features

Dyson has digital V6 motor that spins at a speed of 110,000 times per minute.

The battery is made up of nickel manganese cobalt battery.

It also has two tiers, 15 cyclone arrangement and they work together for increasing the airflow and it also capture minute dust particles with the highest duration of only 20 minute run time that delivers six minutes of increased power.


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