PS4 System Features- Ten things You Can do with PS4

In this hectic life, everyone wants to relax himself by using gaming console and PlayStations etc. One must know that PlayStation is like home video game console which was given by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Nowadays PS4 and PS4 system features are in the news, as everyone wants to opt as if first come first get offer is going on. Let’s share some features of Playstation4:

1. Personalization in PlayStation 4:

Sony has added some specialised PS4 system features by allowing the gamers with the pre-loaded edition in console, means you can play when you want. Oh! No need, to wait for downloading. Now PlayStation4 will give and discover those games that are on TV and movie, shared by your friends as well as family.

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2. Use Share Button:

Just share your best gaming achievement and moments by pressing Share button. It’s a new PS4 feature which is coming with the integrated feature on the DualShock4 Controller. By using Share button, during gameplay, the gamer will get the capacity of scanning through the previous moments of play time. One can tag what they want to share and will again resume previous session of game.

PS4 System Features

3. Best Downloading Capacity, Go with flow:

Players’ now need not to wait till downloading game. The best quality is PlayStation4 has best system architecture because it is built on secondary CPU which can easily handle downloading as well as uploading of content which is for background.

Now PlayStation4 will be with you on the go.

4. Ample of Video Apps:

The PlayStation4 has the capacity of using ample number of video applications which includes Netflix, NHL Game Center and Hulu Plus as well as WWE Network and Crunchyroll etc. These applications can be available on the main screen.

PS4 System Features

5. Switch on Both Applications Simultaneously:

If gamer wants to play new game and don’t want like shutting down old game which was already opened, then just you need to double tap the PS4 home button twice. They can easily swap between two, means; system will switch between the new game application and the previous application.


6. Color- Coding on the Dual Shock4 is Useful:

Mostly gamers are surprised why Dual Shock4 is so colourful from the top. It’s very beautiful and looks awesome too. It not only provides PlayStation motion capability for developers for implementation in the games, by they also match up with the actions of the games.

PS4 System Features

7. Create Your Own Soundtrack by PS 4:

Playstation4 has ample of music in it and even one can create their own soundtrack. It’s a 30 day trial pack which comes with PS4; gamers can also play music in background, during playing their game.

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8. Remember the App:

Sony is offering a significant new application in PS4 that can be used in your mobile; you can directly connect to your account for keeping track of your friends and messages. Best way to send alerts to your friends also.

PS4 System Features

9. PlayStation Connections with Vita and smartphones:

PlayStation4 owes the capacity to link up to PS Vita. In this, portable device works as a secondary player and one can also able to carry the display on the main screen. But it’s very important to make up to date firmware and one can enable Remote play with PS Vita device.

PS4 System Features

10. Compatibility with Game Saves:

If gamers don’t like paying any amount for cloud saving services and they can easily transfer game saves to USB Stick. Plug USB stick in PS4, and in main menu check on Application Saved Data management, Enjoy that cloud.

PS4 System Features


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