Cross platform Xbox one ,ps4 and PC

Life is game and game is Xbox one with ps4! You heard it!! Microsoft has announced that Rocket league is getting Xbox one to cross platforms play both on PC and ps4. Microsoft also made it to announce us that the company’s present generation console will also provide support to all the cross platforms plat between Xbox one, windows 10 and other multiplayer’s networks and yes to be heard right in Playstation 4 as well. This will be first ever time where Xbox one users can play against playstation 4 owners that too online.


This means now the Battlefield or FIFA games will hit on board which will make you challenge your friend on his PS4 while you use your Xbox. Though Microsoft has confirmed it saying it is on the developers to support this feature and will be available soon. Whatever it takes we will wait for this magic to happen! Although we are a huge fan of Xbox one, ps4 stills happen to keep its charm in the competition. Ps4 comes with a very discrete design, with strong PS plus service and of course the better and the strongest games coming up.

It will be fun to compare the top gaming consoles Xbox one and PS4, no offence to both, this will simply add advantage for us users to decide on which console we play against. Just saying!

  1. Lets breakdown the number of sales happened in a year 2015 for both the consoles:
  • S. PlayStation 4 – Total Sales: 9,409,789
  • S. Xbox One – Total Sales: 8,503,910
  • PlayStation 4 – Monthly Sales: 283,465
  • Xbox One – Monthly Sales: 303,127
  1. Xbox one console comes for $355 and PS4 comes for $452.99. Xbox has online service provider for about $60/year whereas ps4 has for about $50/year.
  1. Never judge a console according to how beautiful and sexy is the plastic rectangles rather look at view of clear body a console has. In this department Ps4 wins the race because of its matte black finish and sleek, angular design weighing 6.1 pound of whole of the system. Well, Xbox is a big black box, half matte and half glossy weighing 7 pounds.
  1. Coming to the connectivity of these two consoles, Ps4 has fewer ports than Xbox.
  1. If you are the one who are concerned about the hardware of both the gaming consoles than you will be satisfied to know that these two are muscular machines with 8-core x86-64 jaguar processor with 8GB RAM, an AMD Radeon GPY and comes with 500GB hard drive. Both the consoles also support expandable storage.
  1. We know you are all looking for the games which come with these consoles. Let us tell you that both of the consoles have bought 1000s of games so here it is for Xbox one you have Scalbound, Gears of wars 4, ReCore and Quantum Break. Whereas PS4 will come with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn and No Man’s Sky.

It is just that both the consoles have pros and cons within itself but the important part is it launches its games in multi platform titles. Though Xbox one is the top pick but PS4 joins the race with superior hardware and sharing capabilities. Pick the favorite and play the best games lining this year.

And this is not about the consoles , this is the beginning of  war between XBOX ONE Pro Players Army VS PS4 Pro Players Army in multiplayer gaming. Comment below for you which console`s  beast players dominate the others. For me PS4 have far more better Players 😉

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