Iphone 8 Release date, specs, Price, Features

Every year we wait for the new release of iphone and are eager to know what will be the next best innovation and features iphone bought. Here is all about Iphone 8 Release date, specs, Price, Features. Apple is the company which is known to be the king of innovations for decades. We are the customers who thrive on to its technology and keep waiting for the latest. Speaking about the technology, iphone is the world’s leading technology incubator. No doubt we are already going crazy with just the thought of iphone 8 been releasing.

You all might be thinking it’s too early to know and talk about iphone 8 but, guys it’s Apple! It’s iphone! We better make our minds to learn more about it, iphone needs special attention before it reaches out in the store! And moreover this will make your mind whether to buy the phone or not and help you compare with the rest. Isn’t it? We know Apple only comes to woo our minds with its spectacular features. It’s never too late to blow our minds around innovations apple gives us.

iPhone 8 realease date

Although we were utterly shocked when iphone released the big handy piece by launching iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus and it was a big surprise for us iphone crazy people where the sales reached the tip of no limits. Both the gadgets were quite impressive and then came iphone 7 to make us go gaga again. Iphone 7 is all set with its fire to get release in this very year 2016 and thus we need to wait for iphone 8 and hold our excitements.

Coming back to iphone 8, as we all know all the models of iphone are usually released in the month of September and October but rumors say it all it might release in the month of January and February in 2017 if not then we rely on the usual release date of all the iphone`s by the end of 2017 or in the beginning of 2018.


Let’s stack out the simple features to just give you a hint about iphone 8, excited!! Me too!

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The iphone 8 Features are:

  1. 6 inch Super OLED Display
  2. Primary Camera : 14 MP
  3. Secondary (Front) Camera : 4 MP
  4. Internal Memory: 16/32/64/128/256 GB
  5. RAM: 4 GB
  6. Battery: Li-on 2500 mAh Battery; 18 Hours of usage on 4G

Amazing right, I know!

As we were talking Apple iphone, its specifications and features are thought to be having the most awesome specs and high-tech features. What do you expect from Apple? It always comes with very unique feature which you are just about to imagine, and i mean just imagine and Apple does it.

Let’s take look into specs of iphone 8 to clear out some hype when it finally releases:

  • The display:

We all came across with the screen size of iphone series which has been increasing, so natural that you will get the screen size a bit too big than iphone 6 which is 5.5inches and 4.7 inches display and then iphone will probably increase its size to 6.5 inches maximum which we can predict the same with iphone 8. With the increased size there will be likes and dislikes but let’s see how the display really matters when its iOS. Moreover we don’t think iphone will bring the Smartphone category to tablet. The display of iphone 8 will be OLED instead of LCD which is quite interesting and big change for the company. Additional features in the display will come with gorilla glass and unbreakable glass

iPhone 8 realease date

  • The camera:

The beauty comes with astonishing camera features as per rumors and assumptions it expected to have 14MP and 4MP front camera which would be perfect for taking selfies and you are also given the option of creating your own album, exciting isn’t it? It surely will come with best of the features as Apple never fails in proving the best of the camera till date.


  • The memory:

We can guess the memory space would be about 8GB RAM as it is iphone 8, no just kidding! It would be of 8GB RAM powered by 4GB RAM in the device and will be powerful than any other device.


  • The battery:

As per the iphone 7 it said to have powered with Li-On battery of 2500mah then we can only expect it to be more in iphone 8 which can used for around 18hrs on 4G. Hope that the battery life increase with the rest of the advance features. Fingers crossed!

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  • The Wireless charger:

Yes you heard it, there is no cable which you have to take along with you when you want to charge, but we are expecting this feature to be in iphone 8 which we might see coming with solar batteries.

iPhone 8 realease date

Now the best part, the price we would get the iphone 8 we know the features matters but the price also matters as we have to collect the money right? The prices in the following countries would be:

  • Price in USA 1100 USD
  • Price in India 70000 INR
  • Price in United Kingdom 770 Pound
  • Price in Canada 1590 CAD
  • Price in Dubai 4040 Dirham
  • Price in Australia 1589 AUD
  • Price in China 7235 Yuan
  • Price in Japan 128700 YEN
  • Price in Indonesia 15290000 Rupiah

The price for iphone 8 is still not officially announced by the company but we can wait till the prices are decided.


Though iphone 7 and iphone 7plus is yet to releases we are in the full spree to welcome iphone 8. It is still time to come to the market till we hold our breath and wait for the awesome features that would come with iphone 8. Iphone 8 is expected to release in Q4 of 2017. Price might be high and iOS is high whom are we saying! We better start look forward to see the upcoming features and specs in iphone 8 and hopefully can make it buy if it matches our expectations.


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