How to registered to get Free Reliance Jio Mobile (Rs1500 Deposit)

Reliance Jio Free Mobile

Reliance Jio is coming with many telecoms offers least expensive costs. Now they have come with Jio 4G with the least expensive plans and this has given a great deal of Jio. Reliance has launched various smart phones in the market. Presently Reliance Jio will launch 4G advanced smart phones with least rates. They have Jio 4G Mobile smart phones at Rs. 500, Rs.999, and Rs. 1500.  Recently, Jio launched free mobile named as Jio Phone with the cost of Rs.1500 as a security deposit(which is refundable).

They have revealed the day of July 21 for launching the mobile. Reliance has given the fabulous offer that can be propelled in an all the most attractive tariff plans. They want to reach the greatest clients.

Reliance Jio Free Phone Registration:

Official registration of Reliance Jio 4G highlight smart phones are required to acquire on July 21st  July AGM, but they will be available in the market on August 15th and anticipated it will come under the LYF mark. It a piece of Reliance Digital which is a piece of the Mukesh Ambani sponsored.

Reliance Jio free 4G VoLTE feature phone specifications:

A feature phone having T9 keypad with 2.4 inches screen

4G VoLTE Technology has been in support by the feature phone

Having 4GB of internal storage, the phone has 512 MB RAM and supports expandable memory.

The phone has 2000 mAh battery.

Extended SD card bolster

VGA front camera

Wi-Fi, GPS, and NFC

May be the phone will come with the jio premium apps.

How to get registered with Jio Free Mobile


It will come with the Cable TV Device; Reliance Jio Smartphone was launched.

Rs.1500 is the refundable deposit has to be paid by the users.

Add to cart and fill up delivery address.

Then book or Register your mobile from the website.

Enter the details of phone number and address, etc credentials.

Through debit/ credit card or Net banking, one can pay the deposit amount of Rs.1500

Within mentioned working days mobile will deliver at your given address.

It will come with unlimited internet date in just 153 Rs.

The customers will get the amount back after 3 years.

The smart phone, as well as an efficient carrier network, aims at delivering free voice calls for the life time.

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Registration through Walk-in

One can easily go to the Reliance store for purchasing the Reliance Jio phone with all the details of phone number and address, etc credentials.

One must carry Id Proof and amount of Rs. 1500.

Within mentioned working days one can mobile.


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