Once upon a time (GTAU)

RSG_GTAV_PC_Screenshot_046-970-80 Once upon a time when I started playing GTA5 i was alone in the GTA5 online world. No friends, no crew nothing. All day roamed here & there.

Then I got an invite to join a crew, i had no experience about crew’s & rockstar social club. That Invite i got from a guy named Robbie Singh. He was the leader of that crew. That was the crew which was my first crew and it would be the last. The crew name is GTAU (GTA India United). After i joined GTAU my playing experience was totally changed.

About this crew, GTAU was started by Robbie Singh, Jugaad Sobti, Vansh Arora(not in crew now) & Aditya Bhardwaj on 17th Jan 2015. Motive of this crew was only to find Indian gamer’s to play together. It began with only PS3 users and a few Xbox 360, but later as PS4, Xbox One and PC version of GTA5 were launched, GTAU family started expanding. GTAU reached from 0 to 1000 members in just 8 months which was at really remarkable pace and today GTAU is the biggest and most active Indian crew on any platform. I am with GTAU since 2nd Feb 2015. . This crew is not only limited to just for gaming but GTAU is like a family. I get so many good friends. By the time we even got  the rivals. One of the best to describe rivals is AK47 crew(now closed), which was created by Ex-GTAU members.

The main reason behind the success of GTAU crew is loyalty of crew members towards the crew. Some of the members who,  I am not  going to mention the names, always with GTAU whether it was a  good time or bad.  And the other reason is GTAU does not support the modding and modders.

In GTAU we do car meets, do heist, do Team Death matches, function /festival celebrations etc…….Some of the moments Iam sharing.


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Christmas Celebration

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Independence Day Celebration

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