Best android games 2016

Games are equally important part of our needs, excitement, to do pass our time and what not. It is as if games treat us as to be relaxed while you can forget worries and give a little time to release stress. Android are the king of providing the best entertainment games to us each time every moment a new game is launched for us game lovers. We keep on looking forward in search of new games Android will bring to us.

Given time, Android gaming is getting bigger and much better than ever. Be a hardcore gamer or casual gamer there are games for everyone.

Below are the top most cool and exciting Android games whish you can try out and relish the fun:

  1. Chameleon Run: An auto-runner game where a chameleon run utilizes its color-switching mechanic, which adds a great effect for playing the game in your mobiles. The game depends on time you are switching the platforms by jumping so that the character matches the color of the variant colors of platform. Though the levels are quiet short but the graphics are designed very intensely and is fascinating which is addictive to play.


  1. Clash Royale: A Supercell powered game, which has ultimately become a hit in the gaming zone in Android and has reached the top 10 list of most addictive games to produce. They have released this new game Clash Royale and we are not even eager to read about what the game is but eager to play the game. Don’t worry we will still provide you what the game is about. It is a game based on MOBA, which is multiplayer online battle arena, strategy game, and collectible card game. It is the most well developed and effective game until now with all this factors. The game allows the player to retain the clan element, which helps the players to share cards and gain much more experience while playing.




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  1. MechCom 2: This is new in the zone of RTS games on Android. This game offers a solid warzone game, which is pleasing for strategy games. In this game, the player will be a military commander who will have to mine for valuable minerals on an unknown planet. It sounds easy but it is no fooling around, there will be war against the mine. Probably a well versed strategy game on the go for gamers.



  1. Fading light: There are many tap to float games and it is always the most addictive game until you try to finish a level. Yet another game but with twist is all what we need right now. Thus Fading lights is a game where you have to navigate a lighting or glowing cube like object helping it to pass through difficult tunnels where the glowing cube will lose its light on the run and you have to hit the top ups to restore the light again. Ultimately, this game is one game, which can be addictive and brings tension to complete the game.

fading light


  1. Alto’s Adventure: A side scrolling snowboard games with the best soundtrack and incredibly beautiful art in this game. This game will take you down the snowy mountains collecting coins and jumping through obstacles and boost the speed. Such amazing graphic and best performance is free in Play store.

altos adventure

  1. Rayman Adventures: This game was first introduced originally with play station but now is available in android too. It is an auto-runner with side scrolling game, which includes several levels of adventure. This adventure game also includes collecting items, defeating enemies on the way, jumping over the obstacles and thus finally reaching to the end stage crossing all the relatable. This game is considered the most finely looking game on Android with HD resolution and excellent designed graphics, which includes characters and backgrounds.



  1. Cut the Rope Magic: This game had many different series of games on Android and thus remains the most popular game ever for gamers. Again, this game has introduced itself with another sequel in the form of Magic. The game is one the most played puzzle game, basically this game is to deliver the piece of candy to the cute little monster OM nom by cutting the ropes with holds the candy. You have to calculate the time and manage it in correct order for perfect fetching the candy. The more you play the levels get difficult with its trickiest puzzles, which ultimately makes you feel smart ones you complete the task. Though many have played previous series this game is gorgeous and make you compliment the developer.




  1. Star Knight: This game includes hoping and jumping around various maps mainly you have to avoid the obstacles and kill the enemies. You have to run away from the elements, which is also trying to kill you as well. In this game, each and every level has its own objective keeping aside the completion of the depth. Your character is upgraded with every level you play thus becomes a unique and exciting game to at least try ones to get addicted.

Star knight


Games is what we search for and what we desire to have in our Android phones making our mobiles a place to have fun with and getting a game which matches your style your arena is most important. Developers are busy making games and we are busy playing them. All the above games are utmost the best ones in this year 2016 and which will surely help you to experience something extra ordinary for all the gamers.


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